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Colloidal mill in stainless steel G.B.P


The mill with Stones is used mainly in the food industry and only mills products in paste or semiliquid, does not grind in powder. It is a refining mill and performs a perfect mixture, avoiding separation of water, paste or oil. Examples: Preparation of sauces type drop, mayonnaise, mustard, paint, inks, graphite, fruit and vegetable pastes, pigments and lubricating greases, among others. The milling system consists of two wheels; rotor and stator. The rotor rotates rapidly against the stator that remains fixed. The product is intensively rubbed in a milling slot with a regulation of 1/1000 mm, obtaining finishes in the order of 10-20 microns. The yield varies depending on the product, the size of the stones, the grain of the stone and the desired fineness. Motor power: 2'2 kw. Production depending product: 300-800 lts / h.


  • Model: B-12
  • Year: 2004
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Height: 1550 mm

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