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Labeling machine in stainless steel double head


- Labeling machine made of stainless steel, in perfect condition. . - Stainless steel conveyor belt with 152mm wide acetal hinge with side guides. . - Motorized aligners to align square containers or use as a separator of all types of containers. . - Pneumatic packaging separator. . - Motorized upper belt to step on the containers and not to move when being labeled. . - Lateral tape 200mm high to rotate cylindrical containers to finish adhering the label. . - Final collection tray . - 2 labeling and labeling labeling heads. Features:    - High max of label 200mm    - Max coil diameter 260mm    - Minimum diameter of coil 40mm    - Gearmotor speed max 30m / min . - Marker by termoimpresion


  • Model: MC-120
  • Year: 2008
  • Weight: 950 kg
  • Width: 1´90 m
  • Height: 1´60 M
  • Large: 3´10 M

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