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Cleaning system C.I.P.


The cleaning system C.I.P. (clearing in place) is based on cleaning the production equipment without dismantling, which is a significant advantage over traditional cleaning systems. The system consists of circulating through the system of tanks and process lines a series of cleaning and disinfection solutions in a closed circuit from a preparation tank of these solutions, according to sequences and times established a priori. These systems support a high degree of automation, but they can also be configured to work manually. The purpose of the cleaning system C.I.P. is to eliminate organic compounds from the process since they are the basis for the growth of bacteria and precursors of biocorrosion phenomena. The cleaning of tanks and pipes is a chemical cleaning based on the parameters; concentration and types of cleaning agents, temperature and time. The dirt dissolves chemically and the speed of the fluid must be adequate for the discharge of the particles detached from the dirt. The washing programs will depend on the product and sanitary requirements. The solution C.I.P. it is prepared by adding the reagent to the formulation tank and recirculating the solution through the process plant by means of the centrifugal pump which is placed parallel to the pump of the product. The reagent is dosed in a tank by means of a dosing pump and at the same time water is added so that the desired concentration can be achieved. Once the necessary concentration of the product has been achieved, the control system will detect it and give notice that it has finished with the preparation step of the dissolution.



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