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Thermoforming machine ULMA in stainless steel TF-100


Thermoforming machine TF 100 for the packaging of food or medical products. The packaging is created on the machine using flexible or rigid film coils. If desired, vacuum and gas injection (MAP) can be made inside these containers. The TF series is the ideal solution to move from manual to automatic packaging systems, obtaining in a more economical solution, the same advantages that over the traditional system are achieved with any larger thermoformer. Its characteristics make it the most suitable solution for medium productions, adapting with its standardized configurations, to the different needs of each client. Its versatility, ease of use and change of formats also make it the appropriate response as a support machine for the packaging of various products, or as a dedicated line for medium productions. Coil width: 330 mm, format: 2'3 x 17'2 cm (10x10 pieces).


  • Model: TF-100
  • Large: 3600 mm

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