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FARMOMAC rotary 18-piston filler in stainless steel


It represents an optimal solution for the filling of glass bottles, metal or PET plastic with dense or semi-dense products, they can also contain solid parts (concentrate and tomato sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, bolognese sauce, pâté, jam, purees, creams, baby food, etc. Feeding after conveyor belt for the travel of the bottles and transferred star that positions the bottles under the filling dispensers.The product dose is configured from the electrical panel by means of a motorized cam based on the type Once the format is changed, the precision of the dose can be reached in case of need, acting from the operator panel When the bottle has been filled, it is transferred by star on the output conveyor (which is the same one of feeding) and it is sent to the successive machines Model: F-340 Production: 5,000 l / h aprox Filled anti drip and foam Piston capacity: 500 gr.


  • Model: F-340

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